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Phone: (508) 216-0696
 Serving Norton, MA
& surrounding communities

"Bridging the Gap between your Health & Wellness"

One-on-One Care

1-1.5 hr sessions that are individualized to each patient's unique situation. Providing compassionate care without

compromising quality. 



We Come to You

Mobile services for Physical Therapy, Reiki sessions & Personal Training. Provided in the comfort of your home or office. We bring everything needed for treatments and sessions.

Expert in TMJ (Jaw) Treatment

Substantial training in & experience with treating patients with various TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders)

Now Offering
Reiki Healing Sessions!

30-60 minute Private Reiki sessions. 

Reiki is a peaceful experience that allows you the opportunity to connect to your best self.

Reiki allows you to relax the body and the mind while clearing any blocked energy or stress from within you. We hope that you feel centered and refreshed following a session.

Dr. Faucher is a Reiki Certified Practitioner.

Doctor of Physical Therapy &
Board Certified
Orthopedic Specialist

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy has

attended a multitude of

Continuing Education courses taken to provide the latest and most Evidence Based care.

Over 19+ years Experience

Experienced Clinician with the ability to perform high quality & intuitive differential diagnosis and adapt to individuals needs. 

Personal Training 

Safe & effective programs designed for individuals' unique limitations, strength deficits, injury & medical history and goals.

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