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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with my HSA or FSA account?

Yes! Our preferred methods of payment are cash, check, or debit card, but we also accept HSA/FSA cards, as well as all major credit cards and Venmo.

Do I need a Physician's Referral to be seen?

In the State of Massachusetts, you are not required to visit your doctor first to get a written referral or prescription for physical therapy. Massachusetts is a “Direct Access” state, meaning that if you want to see a physical therapist, you can.

Do You Take My Insurance?

Bridge Physical Therapy & Fitness is a cash-based concierge mobile physical therapy practice. We are not able to see beneficiaries of federal insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, GIC or Tri-Care at this time. We do not bill your insurance company. Payment in full is collected at the time of service. Upon request, an itemized bill (“superbill”) can be generated for a client, and the client is then responsible for submitting this superbill for reimbursement or credit towards their deductible or out of pocket max. Please understand that it is the responsibility of the individual client to verify insurance benefits and submit all claims for reimbursement. Insurance policies and benefits vary widely, with some plans having no allowance for physical therapy or wellness at all. Although most insurance companies and plans offer some type of credit or reimbursement for our services, this is not guaranteed and it is always the responsibility of the client to verify his or her insurance benefits.

Does it really cost less to work with Bridge Physical Therapy and Fitness compared to an In-Network Physical Therapy or other in-network provider?

Bridge Physical Therapy & Fitness has an innovative pricing structure with rates that are very competitive with traditional outpatient physical therapy clinics with many additional conveniences and benefits.

How can I do Physical Therapy in my home? What about all the equipment we will need?

Bridge Physical Therapy & Fitness has everything you need to have an unmatched physical therapy and fitness experience. We bring all the tools we’ll need, such as a treatment table, various taping supplies, Dry needling supplies, resistance bands/cords, exercise mat and more!

How much does a session cost?

Contact us to learn more about our pricing for Physical Therapy, Dry Needling and Personal Training services.

I’ve been seeing another provider (Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, pain management, etc.) for years. What makes you think you can help me or actually fix my problem?

Bridge PT & Fitness' Philosophy and Model of Care, along with the combination of many years of experience, countless continuing education courses and skills that we possess give you the best chance for success and returning to the lifestyle you desire. By removing almost all barriers to care and giving you access to the highest quality physical therapy and fitness services available, Bridge Physical Therapy and Fitness stands alone in giving you an opportunity to put the past behind you and move forward with a fresh new approach that treats you as a unique person, not just an injured body part. See our Testimonials page for some personal stories from patients who have experienced the difference!

What areas does Bridge Physical Therapy & Fitness serve?

Bridge Physical Therapy & Fitness is based in the greater Norton, MA area and serves surrounding areas. If you’re interested in finding out if Bridge Physical Therapy & Fitness can come to you, please fill out the “Contact Us” Form!

Why should I see you instead of another Physical Therapy or provider that takes my insurance?

The current model of musculoskeletal care in America is broken and unsustainable. Over prescription of medication, overuse of diagnostic imaging, and unnecessary procedures such as injections and surgery are all too common. The current models for delivery of physical therapy and wellness care are unfortunately caught up in this insufficient and ineffective approach to musculoskeletal care. In our current payer-driven system, insurance gets to dictate everything about your course of care in a traditional physical therapy clinic. An insurance company, whose only incentive is to reduce health care expenditures, often to the detriment of its beneficiaries, should not be the party that dictates how long you can be cared for, how often you can be cared for, how many times in a calendar year you can be treated, what interventions they will allow you to receive, whether treatment is “medically necessary,” and where you can be treated. You, as an individual and health care consumer, have the right and the opportunity to choose to become a part of an innovative model that prioritizes your health and allows you and a true musculoskeletal expert to collaborate on and execute a plan that gives you the best chance to succeed and achieve the physical freedom you’ve been looking for.

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